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Being one of six national pillars for Dubai's strategy, Fashion 4 Change is an initiative with a vision to further support the nations focus on sustainability. Officially supported by the Dubai Government Fashion 4 Change invites you to join us in the heart of the of city for 6 days of talks, seminars, workshops, breakaway sessions, the infamous Global Fashion Exchange, modest fashion shows using state of the art technology and a global market featuring both modest and sustainable designers from all around the globe. 

Be a part of the legacy, witness the beautiful change and join us in making sustainability aspirational, one project at a time!



Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane  a revolutionary modest fashion and design global market event featuring designers, artists, and lifestyle from around the world is set to launch in Dubai, 2017. The date and venue will be disclosed in a formal announcement to be released soon.

With innovative solutions, Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane is designed to be unlike any other modest fashion and design event to date. “Without giving away too much just yet, I can tell you that we’ve been working toward disruptive solutions to the Fashion Week model, which increasingly presents challenges in the rapidly changing industry. We believe it is important to be innovative in addressing all the issues and delivering solutions that participants and stakeholders will genuinely find beneficial and effective. We now have the answers that will serve the industry better; a revolutionary concept that will take modest fashion and lifestyle to the next level”, said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC, an organization dedicated to the support and development of the modest fashion and design industry and its players.

Khan led the global IFDC team in carefully designing and producing the effective Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane, which will be a key event to satisfying the great demand of the nearly $400 billion spending power in this market.