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Catwalk to Creation docuseries.. launching October 2018

Given 83% of all of our waters contain plastic microfibres and a 1/3 of this is said to come from the fashion industry, the only way we are going to solve issues like this is by raising awareness, encouraging people to be more curious and ask more questions. 

Catwalk to Creation is the journey or two sustainable garments, in reverse. By following the supply chain directors Charney Magri and Ramzi Moutran uncover what happens behind the campaigns they have spent much of their careers shooting, to raise awareness within the fashion industry. In this particular series the award-winning duo focus in on the environmental side; one episode looking at synthetics & natural fibres, the other a next-gen solution. 

While leading the conversation and making sustainability aspirational through powerful content Charney and Ramzi aim to deliver clarity to an often confusing and convoluted conversation. Working closely with the UN aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda the pair are pushing for responsible consumption and production, more transparency and ultimately to empower the consumer to encourage a more educated purchasing decision.

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Fashion 4 Change is on a mission;
to lead in making sustainability aspirational through powerful content whilst promoting the sustainable development goals 2030 agenda


Fashion 4 Change (F4C) is a global content creation agency focused on delivering film, photography and facilitating thought leadership events for sustainably driven brands.

We believe in the power of aspirational photography and film to create positive change. Together with thought leadership we facilitate conversations that enable businesses and consumers to choose sustainability as the norm.

Our clients know fashion is one of the most destructive industries in the world next to oil while presenting one of the greatest platforms and opportunities to create positive change. Together we change the way fashion is done, to make sustainability attainable, one project at a time.

We are Fashion 4 Change.



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Fashion 4 Change offer a unique opportunity; to collaborate on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 agenda giving incredible brand awareness and reach to a global audience. 

We engage the SDG Media Zone, a platform for editors, bloggers, content creators and influencers to communicate innovations, partnerships and discussions as a call to action for humanity to engage the Sustainable Development Goals. Together, we create powerful content to create positive change.

Click here to see co-director Charney Magri at this years United Nations General Assembly moderate the panel discussion: Role Models for Social Good alongside two incredible change makers Jillian Mercado and Mari Malek.


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